Pest Control Phoenix

You may have heard that there is a bed bug problem in Phoenix Arizona as well as many other locations. For Phoenix Arizona residents there is a safe, reliable company to turn to. That companies name is Green Home Pest Control. It is your Phoenix pest control solution. Pest control in Phoenix need not be a problem. If you are having a pest control problem, call Green Home Pest Control. The’re the best. Although bed bugs are a problem that effect many people in the Phoenix Arizona area, Green Home Pest Control can also be used for termite and cockroach and other problems you may be having with pests.
Green Home Pest control wants to make sure your family and home are safe. Common household pests can carry many diseases such as E, Coli, strep, salmonella and staph, as well as many other diseases. Up to thirty three different diseases can be carried by these pests. This can be harmful to the health of your family. Termites can cause extensive damage to a home. With Green Home Pest Control your family and home will be well taken care of as far as their phoenix pest control problem is concerned.
The products that the people at Green Home Pest Control use to solve your pest control problem are organic or botanically derived. They don’t use the method of mass spraying of toxic chemicals, like many other pest control companies use. Green Home Pest Control uses more modern, cutting edge methods. We apply our pest control products where the insects tend to nest. We don’t spray toxic chemicals all over the living space areas of your home. That is healthy for your family.
Our technicians are drug tested, background checked, clean cut individuals. Pest control in phoenix is the work that they do. You won’t have to worry about what kind of person you will be letting into your home. They undergo ongoing training. They keep updating their skills. Our Technicians are given ample time to do the job right. Some companies over schedule their employees so that they tend to rush to get the job done in the time allotted for that particular job. Not so at green home pest control. The quality of the job is important, not the number of jobs a technician can get done in a day. We do quality work. We get the job done right.
As far as the first service goes, you should not expect results right away. The life span of an insect is usually around thirty days. We tend to target the nesting spots of the insects. Some of the insects after the first treatment will be flushed out of their hiding places so one may see more bugs, for a short time,at first. Less bugs will be hatched from the nesting areas and eventually this leads to the elimination of your bed bug, or other Phoenix pest control problems.
Regular services will need to be scheduled to help you in you pest control in Phoenix problem. After the initial treatment the second treatment should be scheduled thirty days after, the life span of bugs, for best results. It is very important to keep up with your regular service visits to keep your bed bug problem, or other pest problem, under control.